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LOL赛事竞猜 In Shandong丨Cao County Roasted Beef: the Top Trending Delicacy in the Internet-famous Town

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  领有壮美当然情景的山东,潜龙伏虎,美不堪收;领有“孔孟之乡、友好邻邦”美誉的山东,历史悠久,文化灿烂;领有大气鲁菜和紧密小吃的山东,如火如荼,珍馐飘香......《In Shandong》原创英文系列视频,邀请番邦友人一路品鉴山东的“颜值”“滋味”和“内涵”,一路走近繁忙灵敏的山东人。

  In 2021, there was a lot of attention on Cao County in Shandong Province, known for its abundant memes online.However, apart from having the nickname, “the center of the universe,” it is actually a food-rich county known for its unique cuisine which incorporates elements from neighboring provinces of Henan and Anhui.


  Among the many delicacies, “Cao County Roasted Beef“ is a traditional dish that has a long history, and has been famous for its perfect color, flavor, and taste. The beef is tender in taste, strong in aroma, and tight in texture.In 2013, the traditional production technique of Cao County Roasted Beef was selected intothe third batch of Shandong provincial intangible cultural heritage.


  Cao County Roasted Beef was originally created by the Hui people in Cao County, and it has a long history. It uses yellow cattle from Southwest Shandong as the raw material which requires a unique cooking technique.To prevent beef from rotting and deteriorating, the Hui people, over the long history, gradually explored the method using salt pickling to extend its storage time and adding spices to increase its flavor and freshness.This has been developed and passed down through generations, which becomes today's Cao County Roasted Beef.


  Beef from Southwest Shandong yellow cattle aged 1 year old or 2 is used as the raw material, and it is marinated with various seasonings. Roasted over a low heat and dried, the beef is then fried with sesame oil.The finished dish is red and bright with the beef being tender and compact. With no unpleasant smell, it tastes fragrant but not greasy.The traditional methods of cooking beef in other areas include steaming, boiling, braising, and stewing, with the majority of the dishes being spiced or sauced. However, the Cao County Roasted Beef is different and is characterized by its color, aroma and flavor,requiring over ten steps of the cooking process, in which frying is the final and most crucial one. If the oil temperature is too high, the beef will be burned; otherwise, it will be greasy.The frying method is innovative: the boiled beef is slowly put in the pan and slightly fried to medium well in sesame oil, then it’s ready to serve.The finished beef is reddish-brown in color, and it should be cut into thin slices and served on a plate without any additional seasoning.However, it is best not to slice the beef when it is hot. When eating, it can be cut into pieces and sandwiched in baked sesame cakes, which offers a long-lasting aftertaste.


  The Cao County Roasted Beef is just like the characters of Shandong people --genuine and substantial. It can weigh over one catty with only two orthree pieces of the beef, guaranteed with no adulteration.The fried beef is easy to store, especially during autumn and winter. It can be stored at room temperature for a few days without affecting the quality, and can be used as a fashionable gift when visiting friends and feasting guests.










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